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Travelling with Organized Tours. Why Not?

Travelling is about exploring another part of the world, meeting new people, experience new things and creating a good memories. Whether you do it alone or with many people, at the end it is just about pushing yourself into a satisfaction of seeing the world.  But when people think of tour package in travelling, they began to form an image in their mind that there will be buses filled with tourists hopping in and out, snap a photo with their guide and the big banner of the tour package, with a very strict and tight schedule that limits themselves enjoying a personal time.

But, are those stereotyping of tour package true?  You have to think twice. Or three times maybe. Sometimes people are tend to enjoy travelling with group and organized tours because it offered benefits that you could not provide if you do independent travel. And to be remembered, every tour package has its own style and uniqueness of organizing the tour. As like as us, Tripperhood, we have our own specialties in helping the tourists exploring Indonesia in such a memorable way. Want to know why? Following are the reason:

  1. Enough time of exploring many sights

Most of the cities in Indonesia has more than one main sightseeing. For example, Surabaya has the heroes monument, Suro&Boyo statue, House of Sampoerna, Jogjakarta has Malioboro, Keraton, TuguJogja and etc. on your first visit to the city, there are going to be top sights you have to visit that actually make the place famous. Of course you don’t want to skip them, right?  With the organized tour and exact schedule of visiting places, you will be able to enjoy the main sightseeing without thinking of spending lots of time and money on public transportation and studying maps the whole day.

  1. A clearance time planning

The problem of most independent traveler is spending their time too much in figuring out about the attractions to visit.  With the professional tour package, the guide will always have schedule that could reduce the confusedness in deciding which place to go first, the meal planning, the transportation, route and etc. In Indonesia especially, the season is mostly unpredictable. If you plan to visit places like mountains, beaches or any other destinations, discussing with tour package will be a good way of planning the trip.  And for your information, Tripperhood is the master in it, for the itineraries are made by the professionals!

  1. Friendship in tours, we provide it!

We believe in ”stay small, stay local” kind of tour. Keeping our group in a small number, we love to know everyone, what they love, their hobbies and even more. With this kind of approach, we could leave as friends, not client – guide relationship. With the local tour guides, you could also experience the real life story of the place you visits.  You can experience the truly live of local people by choosing to stay in their house, by which you can also contributor to the local villagers and environment.

  1. Better value of travelling

Every tour package has their own specialties and value brought up to their guests/clients. In Tripperhood, we believe that human travels to gain their experience. This has made us to offer not only just a tour package that provide you to know Indonesia’s beauty, but more than that, we want to give you an experience of Indonesia’s real life. Having a chat with the Dayak tribe, jumping from a cliff, walk through the rainforest enjoy a hidden beach, or play with local children in the mud. This kind of experience made us different from any other tour package. So, why not choose us?