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5 Unique Facts About Ijen Crater Blue Fire? The best time to see the blue fire?

Indonesia is known for its rich country of natural and cultural resources. Not only that, Indonesia is also increasingly known for its varied destinations that have their own uniqueness that you must visit if you visit Indonesia. one of them is ijen crater located in Banyuwangi. Banyuwangi is located quite close to Bali. so there is no need to rethink visiting Ijen Crater before or after being satisfied with traveling in Bali.

Besides being known for its charming scenery, the journey to the top of the ijen crater is challenging, and the blue fire phenomenon that is targeted by visitors. So do not be surprised, if the crater ijen finally also becomes one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Are you interested in visiting?

just like other tourist detinations, Ijen Crater, which is famous for its blue fire, also has some interesting facts that make visitors interested in visiting here. Let’s look at 5 interesting facts about ijen crater

1. Blue fire can only be found in 2 places


Not only offers a very enchanting view, ijen crater also offers unique phenomena. it turns out that this unique phenomenon called blue fire can only be found in two places in the world. The first is located in Iceland, while the second is located in ijen crater which is precisely located in Banyuwangi.

2. Blue fire is not really a fire

Visitors who come here, must have come with the hope of seeing The Blue fire. even it is known as Blue fire. Did you know that it turns out that Blue fire is not really a fire? Yes, it is not. This blue flame actually comes from the gas that sulfur emits in rocks with a temperature of 600 degrees, and when mixed with the ambient temperature the color becomes blue.

3. The largest Acid Crater in the World


Not only the bluefire has unique facts. Did you know that it turns out that ijen crater is also call as the largest acid crater in the world because Ijen Crater has a caldera as high as 300-500 meters and an area of 5,446 hectares. No wonder this further complements the beauty of the ijen crater.

4. Very high acidity

Not only does it have a wide crater so it is called as the largest acid crater. It turns out that Ijen Crater is also known to have a high acidity of volcanic material. The acidity level is almost close to 0. Although this does not dilute the attractiveness of this tour, it is also a reminder for us to always be carefull

5. Sunrise of Java


After knowing some amazing facts about ijen crater. So there is no doubt that ijen Crater is also known as the Sunrise of Java. Starting with seeing the phenomenon of Blue fire steps, followed by seeing the sunrise accompanied by a view of the enchanting and beautiful ijen crater will make your holiday moment unforgettable.

Can’t wait to visit the ijen crater and hunt the Blue fire? Eitts… Don’t forget to learn the best time to see the bluefire first.


Blue Fire

Unlike other active mountains whose lava can be seen even in the morning. The blue fire in this ijen crater can only be seen when the sky is dark. The best time to see it is around 2-4 am. Therefore, it would be better for you to start the hike at 1 am, because you will need about 1.5 hours to climb.

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