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Dieng Plateau is a marshy plateau that forms the floor of a caldera complex on the Dieng Volcanic Complex near Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia. Referred to as “Dieng” by Indonesians, it sits at 2,000 metres above sea level, far from major population centres. Part of General Sudirman’s guerrilla campaign during the Indonesian War of Independence took place in the area.

The name “Dieng” comes from Di Hyang which means “Abode of the gods”. The beautiful green landscape, with many objects to visit confirms that this place is really abode of the gods. In Dieng, you are not just going to a mountain. Beside seeing the golden sunrise, you may enjoy green lakes, temples, meditation caves, and crater. All of them nearby yet separated. Many folklore created according to these places, and all of them are stories about Dieng’s beauty.

One of local bealiefs that is still happening until today is the born of god-incarnation child. Some children here are born with dreaded hair, and they are believed as god-incarnation. Once a year, on Dieng Culture Festival Event, their hairs will be cut and they will be a normal child with normal hair once again.



Whole year is okay to visit this beauty. But during dry season will be better as you don’t want the rain to ruin your day. Choose weekday if you want to avoid crowds.



Around Dieng area is a lovely village with lots of vegetables fields and homestays around. There are 5 main destinations of Dieng. All of them are not very far, but you will need a car to go to each destination. First of all is the sunrise point. The best sunrise point is the Sikunir Hill with 30-45 minutes hike up. Track is quite easy and helped with handgrip or ladders in some steps. The view here is outstanding and you will get a golden-coloured sunrise when the sky is clear. Another sunrise point is Prau Mountain, where it took you to climb 3 hours up. Prau Mountain is one of favourite campsite in Central Java with the short trek and beautiful view.

After watching the sunrise, you want to drive down to the other destinations. Batu Pandang is our next choice, and we personally think this place has the best view of all. Here you can watch the green coloured lake and the clear water lake side by side from above. Truly amazing!

After watching them from above, you want to be with them! So walk around both lake of Telaga Ijo and Telaga Pengilon. The track around is shady and cool with trees and bushes. You will also find some caves that used to be a meditation place in past times. Each cave has its own story and explanation. Be careful in choosing your track because you dont want to miss them.

Kawah Sikidang comes next. This crater is actually in flat ground, with boiling water inside the crater. Some locals sell egg here and you can cook those eggs in this boiling water. We have to say that the locals here are creative in what they are selling. You can also buy pure sulphur for cosmetics or health.

Last but not least is the Arjuna temple. Arjuna temple is a complex of small temples, and the oldest found temple in Java. This temple history still remains a mystery.



The average annual temperature in Dieng is 14°C all day, nice and cool. Thin jacket would be nice. But when you wait for sunrise, the wind can be harsh and you want to double your jacket.



There are no restaurant in this village, and you have to go to the nearest city of Wonosobo, 1 hour from here, for more proper food. But try their refreshing dessert called Carica. This plantation only exist in Dieng only, and you cant find it anywhere else. It is still a family of papaya, but you can’t eat it raw. The locals sell it already dipped in sweet water and great for dessert/drinks. Other local food is Mie Ongklok, noodle with thick sauce.



Positive attitude for sure
Thin jacket, wind breaker and scarf.
Bring some snacks and mineral water
Bring your camera and all of the gears
Each different objects required entrance ticket
The signage to each destination can be confusing so pick a knowledgeable guide/driver

The fresh air, beautiful greenery and quietness make the plateau an enjoyable place to stay around, even the gods think so. See you in our trip!


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