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Fantastic Four of Stunning Volcanoes in Java Island

Lies on the tectonic plates of Asia which is also a big part of the pacific Ring of Fire, Indonesia is undoubtedly famous with its 129 volcanoes ranging around the beautiful 17,000 islands of archipelago. Have you ever wondered visiting one, two, three or even more of the volcanoes in the country? This must be a difficult decision, for each volcanoes (either active or inactive one) has its own beauty and charm.

Volcano in Indonesia should not be missed. Why? Because it offer you such a beautiful and unforgettable experience that can’t be witnessed in another places. This article is specially created to give you recommendation about which volcano  you need to visit, especially when you travel to Java, one of the biggest – yet the busiest- island in the country.  These five stunning volcanoes in Java will leave you into an experience which should not be missed during your time in this wonderful island.

  1. Bromo Volcano, East Java

Bromo  is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Indonesia. Offering a stunning view of various mountain structure such as Mount Bathok and Semeru, Bromo deserve to be topped as one of the best spot for catching sunrise in the world. The misty cloud, dazzling ‘sea of the sand’ and if you’re luck, the shining stars with mesmerizing milky way could make you feels like you were on the moon.

To reach Bromo isn’t that hard. Rent a jeep to a sandy area near the mountain, watching the sunrise from the hill called Penanjakan, and continue to the sea of the sand with a little walk. The crater can’t be missed. With smoke and a strong smell of the sulfur, reaching the caldera of Bromo isn’t that hard as well as reaching the summit. Riding a horse then climb through the stairs to the crater and you will be astonished with the super large hole that keeps fogging. The smell of sulfur might be so strong, yet you need to spend not much time up there.  Nevertheless, it’s a matchless experience!

  1. Merapi Mountain, Central Java

The name “merapi” is derived from Javanese means “the one that making fire.” Located about 30 kilometers from Jogjakarta, the volcano is also one of the most favorite tourist attractions, especially for those who traveled to Jogjakarta. They wouldn’t be missed the chance to climb and discover the most active volcano in Indonesia. Hiking is usually performed at night, which take 6 – 7 hours to reach the top, then 4 – 5 hours to come down.  It usually does at night, so you can experience the astonished sunrise with the beautiful scenery of Merapi and the sister, Mount Merbabu which is pretty close to the volcano.

  1. Semeru Mountain, East Java

The highest peak in Java! The top of the mountain which is called “Mahameru” means the great mountain. This is one of the favorably listed as one of the most visited mountain when you are in Java. The natural features of the mountain would not let you down, ranging from savannah, slopes, weather, even the misty lake called RanuKumbolo is such an amazing adventure experience you need to take. Though hiking to  Semeru can be dangerous depending on the volcanic activity, the experience there would leave you speechless and guarantee to be visited over and over again.

  1. Ijen Volcano, East Java

Knowing as KawahIjen, the world’s largest acidic volcanic crater – lake located in Banyuwangi, Mount Ijen offered you a lot of adventurous experience. Contains with  rich Sulphur deposits, the attractive of this mountain isn’t only about the view, the crater, and the turquoise Sulphur that emits flame – the blue fire that is only exist in Ijen and Iceland –  but also the story of the miners there that starts their work nearly in the middle of the night. Hiking to the mountain is usually open at 01.00 a.m.by that time, you will see a whole lot of miners comes up to the crater, and go down with a bunch of Sulphur on their shoulder, around 100 kilograms brought without any vehicle!


Speaking of hiking, you may need a good partner to be accompanied yet we know that hiking can be that exhausting. A good plan is needed, so you could have an unforgettable moment during your time in exploring those magnificent mountains. Lucky for you, Tripperhood is here to be nor just a guide but a perfect partner of you in exploring the beauty of Indonesia’s nature. With the vision of creating a powerful experience to the client, we believe that you could have a truly memorable and life changing experience.  Experience is our key. Book us and explore Indonesia!